Chinquapin Center for the Arts

Resident Artists:
Chinquapin Center for the Arts

Application Instructions:

APPLICATION Requirements:

__Completed Application Form: 

        [Please Submit ALL Information]

     * On-Line submission  or Mail  / E-mail "Attachment"

 __$30 Nonrefundable application fee 

__A one-page Artists Statement / Proposal. 

       Address concept and direction of work presented, stage of career and why Chinquapin is important to your project.  

       If you had a prior CCA residency, address what has been achieved since that stay.  

__The final paragraph should be a 2-4 sentence explanation of what you plan to work on at Chinquapin. 

__Work Samples; "Attached" / "Dropbox" / any format ...from the last three years.      [CD or DVD will not be returned.]

      See below for genre specifics: 

  • Writers: Examples of works - Completed, published or not.
  • Poets: 5 ~10 poems
  • Composers:  2~3 scores "Up-loaded" or DVD’s for each.   
  • Visual Artists & Sculptors: 6 images; labeled with your name, title and size. 300 kb or under:100 kb is ideal.
  • [CaFE format is acceptable but not required]
  • Performance Artists: Video clip or if by mail DVD   

__Two "Professional" References Contact Information:     

      Letters from family or spouses are not appropriate.



If copying and sending by mail:

Please send your "completed" package to                                                                          

Chinquapin Center for the Arts

2001 South Side Road

Grants Pass, Oregon 97527-8941

Attn:  Executive Director


* note: Application