Chinquapin Center for the Arts

Resident Artists:
Chinquapin Center for the Arts

Alexander Vassos:


Opera  Composer [libretto]



Liu, Hsiao Hui:

0ct~Dec / 2015 

"Installation" Artist 

Judy Davidson: 

01~06 2015


Paul Stewart:


Painter, playwright,

sculptor and author

   Alexander Vassos is a musician and composer who wrote the Libretto for his second opera, “No Sound the Earth Owes”, during a seven-month residency.  His first opera, “The House is Open”, which involved a collaboration of more than 32 artists,” blended instrumental orchestration, electronic soundscapes, arias, and spoken text to explore the façade of domestic, suburban life through the eyes of prepubescent children on the verge of awakening”.  A notable feature of these works is his use of surround sound to place the audience “in” the performance.  Alex is a graduate of the Boston Conservancy and the California Institute of the Arts.  He followed his residency with post graduate work at Mannes College in Manhattan.


   Paul Stewart, our first artist-in-residence, is an accomplished painter, sculptor and author.  His plays have been performed in seven states in the US as well as England and South Africa.  The Sacramento Bee called him “An excellent writer with a fine ear for contemporary speech.”  He also designs and builds play sets.  And his paintings range from murals to small graphic art projects.  Paul is a man of great and varied talent and his ‘steampunk’ sculptures and faux paintings are really a lot of fun.  He used his two-month residency to complete his first novel, "The Ghost Writer Murders”. You can reach Paul and see more of his work at

Steam Dental Chair

  Judy Davidson’s relationship with the Chinquapin Center for the Arts began a few years ago when the Center purchased one of her paintings.  Like many artists, she works in a variety of mediums although the majority of her work is in painting and writing.  She creates murals as well as “normal” sized paintings and portraits, teaches introductory painting classes, is at work on a fantasy story for young adults, and writes both poetry and short stories.  She describes her paintings as expressionistic and cites the influence of Joseph Campbell as a source of her interest in the shared truths of the world’s religions.  During her residency she produced two commissioned paintings, one ‘pro-bono’ piece, and a series of ten monochromatic paintings for a show in Grants Pass, Oregon.


 Liu, Hsiao Hui, was our first international artist, coming from Taiwan. She is an accomplished artist working in painting, drawing, photography, installations and poetry who also teaches children’s art classes.  Intrigued by the conjunction and intertwining of humans and nature, Hsiao Hui uses natural materials to demonstrate how ordinary landscapes can be changed by graceful engagement of the artist with natural forces.  Prompting us to reconsider our relationship with nature, these works provide opportunity for self-reflection.  Her project involved installations here at the Center and also in the local City and County Parks. 


  Twin Heroes Productions, is the Rogue Valley's home for progressive and aspiring artists.

With a focus on opera and theater.

"Twin Heroes Productions" 2016 Summer Festival

Grants Pass Museum of Art, * Friday August 26th, 7pm Ashland Community Center, * Saturday August 27th, 7pm


 Twin Heroes Productions

    08/2016 /  09/2017

Ian Guthrie, who is a doctoral student at Florida State University, was in residence for the month of July, 2018. During this time, he composed Voices of the Earth, a piece written for wind ensemble which depicts his growing concern about the increasingly hot and dry summers in the Pacific Northwest mountains and valleys. 


CCA Workshop

for young composers and string players




The creative forces to build and fund ... and communicate:


Peter Makela earned a BFA from SAIC and an MFA in painting from the LeRoy E. Huffberger School of painting at MICA in Baltimore in the spring of 2018. Since then he has been continuing his painting practice in Artist Residencies in NY, VT, OR, in CA.


    Art enables us to find ourselves ...and lose ourselves at the same time. 

    Thomas Merton