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  Ian Guthrie, who is a doctoral student at Florida State University, was in residence for the month of July, 2018. During this time, he composed Voices of the Earth, a piece written for wind ensemble which depicts his growing concern about the increasingly hot and dry summers in the Pacific Northwest mountains and valleys. Ian is particularly fascinated with world music and natural sounds, and routinely incorporates them into his music. In addition to Voices of the Earth, his latest projects include a viola sonata commemorating his personal experience surviving hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

An avid hiker, he spent part of each day here exploring the surrounding mountains and still found time present a piano recital of Voices of the Earth in Grants Pass.

He is emerging as a tour-de-force composer and pianist, and recently won 1st prize in the Arcady Composition Competition, 2nd place in the American Prize-Chamber Music Division (the only vocal work winning any recognition in this category for 2017), and 2nd prize in the Great Composers Competition: Music of America, in addition to his many other prizes from other acclaimed organizations around the world. In addition, many of his works have been performed publicly around the world from groups including Indaco String Quartet, fEARnoMUSIC, Portland's Metropolitan Youth Symphony, the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, the Moore Philharmonic Orchestra, and individuals such as Erik Drescher and Sarah Dunham.

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Ian Guthrie