Chinquapin Center for the Arts

Resident Artists:
Chinquapin Center for the Arts


Residency Policy Summary

Late applications will not be accepted.

Non-refundable Application Fee is $30.

Submissions are judged primarily on work samples which are reviewed anonymously.  If you submit your work samples in hard copy and would like them returned please provide a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage.

Beginning with Phase II one meal/day will be provided and the kitchen will be stocked for ‘self-serve’ meals at other times.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions such as allergies or preferences such as a vegetarian or vegan diet. And also if you have any special medical conditions or disabilities.

If you will need financial assistance to cover residency fees, please let us know at the time you apply.

Applicants are responsible for their own transportation and you may want a car since there is no public transportation available.  The CCA does have a car that is available for occasional use at a cost of $0.23/mile.

Collaborators must apply individually, unless all have previously been to Chinquapin as residents.

Fire safety is a great concern.  Smoking will only be allowed in designated 'fire-safe' locations; not in the studios, common areas or outdoors.

It is expected that residents will conduct themselves with courtesy, respect, and civility in all their interactions with other visiting artists; Staff, Directors, Officers, and Volunteers of the CCA; neighboring landowners, guests of the CCA, and members of the local community as well as the natural environment.

The Chinquapin Center for the Arts reserves the right to terminate any residency at any time without cause.